Teaching Experience

Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago and Remote)

  • HRD 490 – Multimedia: Design and Application (Spring 2023)
    • Catalog Description: This course presents an overview of varied aspects of multimedia as used in the HRD field. Course content blends theory and application as students learn the basic elements of instruction, interaction and the impact of technology on instruction. Students use an authoring program to design instruction which meets criteria for effective teaching/learning. Students will use multimedia as a vehicle for research and communication through e-mail and Internet access.
  • HRD 406 – Instructional Design in Human Resource Development (Spring 2021, Spring 2022)
    • Catalog Description: The process of preparing objectives, defining content, selecting and sequencing learning activities for specific training/ education/ development programs. Includes selection of methodology, including use of media and computer technology, critique and redesign of off-the-shelf materials and evaluation. Note: this is a graduate level course.

Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL and Remote)

  • ETT 229 – Computers in Education (Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019)
    • Catalog Description: Fundamental operations and concepts of computer technologies to facilitate learning in today’s P-12 classrooms. No previous experience with computers required. Designed for students entering the education profession.
  • ETT 310 – Instructional Design Models, Strategies, and Tactics (Fall 2019)
    • Catalog Description: Introduction to instructional design, application of instructional design models, and design of appropriate instructional strategies and tactics.
  • ETT 510 – Instructional Media and Technology (Summer 2019, Fall 2019)
    • Catalog Description: Overview of history, definitions, theoretical issues and trends, career options, and required competencies in the field of instructional technology and their impact on the effective selection, design, utilization, and evaluation of instructional media.
  • ETT 511 – Advanced Instructional Media Design (Summer 2019)
    • Catalog Description: Advanced design of mediated instruction, script writing, photography, audio and video production, and computer presentation systems. Students are recommended to take ETT 510 first.
  • ETT 535 – Distance Education-Design and Delivery (Spring 2020)
    • Catalog Description: Evaluation and design of various types of distance delivery systems including video/ audio, telecommunications, and computer networks, with emphasis on the supportive roles of instructional media and instructional design. Theoretical and practical applications of distance delivery.
  • ETT 553 – Ethics & Professional Standards in Instructional Technology (Spring 2020)
    • Catalog Description: Awareness, understanding, and appreciation of issues related to instructional technology with focus on professional standards.
  • ETT 555 – Media Design: Multimedia, Summer 2020 (Spring 2021)
    • Catalog Description: Design and development of advanced instructional software incorporating interactive digital video and external video interfacing.
  • ETT 561 – Human Resource Development (Spring 2021)
    • Catalog Description: Advanced study emphasizing complex skills, concepts, and strategies relating to the adult teaching/learning component of human resource development in business, industry, government, and voluntary organizations.
  • ETT 740 – Seminar: Educational Technology Foundations (Fall 2019)
    • Catalog Description: Examination of the historical, theoretical, and research foundations of educational and performance technology.

University of Illinois College of Medicine

  • ELEC 600 – Artificial and Augmented Intelligence in Medicine
    • Catalog Description: Recent years have seen an explosive growth in use of artificial intelligence in medicine arising from big data, e-commerce, and automation. Developments in information technologies, analytical and quantitative techniques have enabled the processing and analyses of vast troves of data to provide better patient care. This trend has fueled a demand for people with requisite technology and analytical knowledge and skills for utilizing the data obtain to perform quality improvement activities and improve patient safety. This elective will prepare healthcare students to have adequate foundational knowledge to participate on a technical team implementing an Al project. This is an online course with a virtual face to face meeting twice a week. Students will be expected to commit to four to five hours of work time per day to cover the following topics. There will be weekly quizzes and students are expected to complete a capstone project to present on research day.