Developing the UICOM Faculty & Staff Website

black samsung tablet computer
  • Responsibilities: Instructional Design, Educational Technology, Web Design
  • Target Audience: Faculty and staff
  • Tools Used: Dreamweaver (HTML editor), VPN
  • Budget: N/A, internal project
  • Client: University of Illinois College of Medicine
  • Year: 2018-ongoing


After the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM) went through a process to redesigning the curriculum, new methods of delivering content had been introduced. For example, faculty relied heavily on the standard lecture that did not promote student involvement in their own learning.


I developed a website to serve as a place to contain important content like:

  • Who’s who at each campus, and what is their role
  • Terms that are used in the curriculum and what they mean
  • Examples of educational technology that are used in the design and delivery of curricular content and how to use / who to contact to use them
  • Specific forms that are used with descriptions of their purpose
  • Best practices in the design and delivery of curricular content, including team-based learning activities
  • How to incorporate educational games in the delivery of content
  • Best practices and guidelines for coordinators for each phase of the curriculum for all three campuses


I designed and developed this site and am the main contributor to it. You can review the website here:

Results and Takeaways

Over time, the site has become more comprehensive and therefore more useful to staff and faculty. I am still the only contributor to the site (despite requests for faculty and staff to provide content). I review the content regularly to ensure it has the most updated content. I look at usage statistics of the site to see which pages seem to be the most used and which are the least used to determine what changes (if any) need to be made. It is interesting to look at this usage data as there are sometimes views of the site from places that are quite far from the US like India and Thailand.

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