Video Series: Faculty Use of Ed Tech & Teaching Modalities


University of Illinois College of Medicine

Video Series: Faculty Use of Ed Tech & Teaching Modalities

Instructional Design, eLearning development, multimedia, script writing, and storyboards

Target Audience
Medical school faculty

Tools Used
Microsoft O365, teleprompter (iPad), video camera, green screen, background

N/A (internal project)

Final video versions to publish on public platforms (YouTube, etc.) for faculty to view as prompts and support for use of different tools and modalities.

Year(s) / Project Duration

As I worked with faculty to try different educational technologies for instruction, I thought it might be helpful to create short videos of our faculty describing and demonstrating how they have used educational technologies or applied different teaching modalities. These videos demonstrated to other faculty the challenges and successes in their work as they try out different ways to deliver content to students. It can be challenging to keep the attention of students. Tried and true methods encourage the inclusion of relevant activities to keep the student focused on the material. The methods these faculty implemented shows their ingenuity in focusing student attention.


At UICOM, there is a very small media production studio where our videographer worked with me to set up the shoots. I wanted to keep the video interviews to a short timespan, under 5 minutes if possible. I wrote a script with this timespan in mind and our videographer uploaded it to an iPad that was used as the teleprompter.

Plans Tend to Change

The original plan was to develop many of these videos to showcase our faculty and their expertise. Unfortunately, due to staffing constraints, we had to abandon the project soon after creating the two videos below. I am hopeful we can pick it up again.

Results and Takeaways

Despite constraints and that we were unable to continue with this project, we were able to create two videos in 2015 – you can review them below.

Amy Lin, MD explaining how she has used PowToon to create micro-lectures.

Elliot Kaufman, PhD explaining how he has used the tablet app Explain Everything to create micro-lectures.

Stay tuned: There is a possibility of restarting this project in late 2023!