Absurdities with Artificial Intelligence

I attended a Quick Talk on AI from EDUCAUSE today. One of the presenters was talking about Midjourney and showing how you can create AI-generated images. They showed how Midjourney interprets what a nurse looks like, etc. I tried to use it myself and the server must be busy because I was not able to get into it myself. So, I tried a different tool, Stable Diffusion.

I asked it to present an image of an instructional designer talking with a team and here are some of the results. Navigate left and right to see the images. I’m not sure what happened to the people – one person seems to be a Vulcan and there is an alien to the right of the Vulcan.

AI is pretty cool in some respects but this is an example of how we have a lot to learn about it, and it has a lot to learn about itself.

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