Theoretical Frameworks In My Brain

As I’m working on a mini-proposal for a class on mixed methods research this semester, I’m trying to be sure I am choosing the ‘right’ theoretical framework for my proposed study. I don’t want to go too much into my proposal idea (partially because I’m a little paranoid that someone else will do it before I get to it!!)

When I was on campus recently, I met with my advisor, Dr. Cindy York. As I was telling her a bit about my ideas, she thought I might want to look at the Intention to Integrate Model. When I scoured the literature (as only a good librarian can), I couldn’t really find a lot on a theory with that name. What kept on coming up though were two other theories: Planned Behavior (TPB) and Reasoned Action (TRA).

Planned Behavior was a theory that Dr. Icek Ajzen created.  The three considerations that drive human nature:

  1. Behavioral beliefs
  2. Normative beliefs
  3. Control beliefs

According to the theory, these three considerations lead to the intention of performing a behavior. It is primarily used in health outcomes studies, such as, what is the likelihood of a person with HIV to take their prescribed medications regularly. I want to use it to determine intention to perform a behavior. As Dr. Ajzen writes on his site, Planned Behavior includes behavioral control as a mechanism whereas Reasoned Action assumes behavioral control and focuses a bit more on reasoning in making decisions. I do have to investigate both of these further, but I would like to figure out if I need to incorporate Bandura’s theory of Self-Efficacy in the mix.

Going back to Intention to Integrate – it’s actually the Integrate Model (IM). It becomes so minor in the literature that I don’t know if it can stand on its own or not. Fortunately a copy of one of his books came in the mail today so I can spend the weekend reading it to get a better handle on it.

Why am I feeling anxious about this!?

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