Different Methods of Recording a Narrated PowerPoint

Here at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, our faculty have been busy making what we are calling “micro-lectures,” or short, salient videos to help describe concepts to our students. I did not want to give our faculty too many options with which to make these videos, so we narrowed it down to the following:

  • OfficeMix
    • Only available for PC at the moment; it creates an additional tab in PowerPoint and is easy to use.
  • Explain Everything
    • Works on tablets (Android and iOS) and is also fairly easy to use. Just read on their site it also works with Windows!
  • Echo Personal Capture
    • This is a tool we have access to here at UIC. We use Echo360 to record our lectures, and there is a standalone tool that faculty can use to record themselves or their screen. For the PC, there is an additional program that can create a tab in PowerPoint, like OfficeMix.
  • Camtasia
    • I recommend this product over others because as a more ‘souped up’ program, our faculty find it easier to use than Adobe Captivate.

What tools would you recommend and why?

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